The Taos Art Glass Invitational is an international biennial juried exhibition in Taos, New Mexico, occurring this year from October 11 through November, 9 2014, with private collector previews on October 10, 2014. Deadline for Call is June 1, 2014.

The Invitational includes both featured artists, a small selected group who exhibit excellence in their medium internationally and are invited directly by the TIGA board, as well as renowned and emerging artists invited through a jury process. Artists working in glass or glass combined with other media from around the globe are encouraged to submit an application. All juried invitations for the Taos Art Glass Invitational are chosen through this call for artists and jury process.

The jurors for the 2014 Taos Art Glass Invitational are Herb Babcock, Chairman of the Art Glass Program at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, Tina Oldknow, Curator of Modern Glass at the Corning Museum of Art in Corning, New York, and Stephanie Grilli, independent art historian, curator, and writer and Curator of Artscribe.net, Denver, Colorado. Mr. Babcock received his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and his MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Ms. Oldknow holds a BA in Art History from the University of California, Los Angeles and an MA in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. A trustee of the American Craft Council from 2003-2009, she presently serves on the advisory board of North Lands Creative Glass, Caithness, Scotland, and she is member of the International Council of Pilchuck Glass School. Ms. Grilli graduated summa cum laude from University of Pittsburg and received her PhD in art history from Yale University.

This year, we are honored to announce an outstanding slate of Featured Artists who represent excellence in glass internationally and among which artists selected from the jury will exhibit. Exhibiting Featured Artists will include Herb Babcock (USA), Hiroshi Yamano (Japan), Paul Stankard (USA), Martin Janecky (Czech Republic), and Paul Scwheider (USA).

For the first time in 2014, we are offering four selected categories in which an artist may jury and compete. Artists will be selected to exhibit from each of these categories. The following list of categories and definitions serve as parameters for entry into that category.

  • Wall Works - Wall works must hang or attach to a wall.

  • Sculpture – Three dimensional works which are self-standing either on the floor or on a pedestal.

  • Wearable Works – Any work that is wearable on the body as art adornment.

  • Functional Works – Any work that serves as function for artful living, e.g. dinnerware, goblets, small architectural accents, furniture, water features, etc.

The 2014 Taos Art Glass Invitational will be awarding recognition in each category and across all categories: Best in Show, Exhibitor’s Choice, and Collector’s Choice. Awards will be announced during the opening events.

ENTRY PROCEEDURES: Entries must be received via online submission no later than June 1, 2014. A jury fee of $30 allows the artist to submit up to three images in one category. Additional images may be submitted in the same category for consideration at $5 per image. Each artist may submit in one or multiple categories, with each category being a completely separate submission by the artist. Artists will be notified by email of acceptance no later than July 1, 2014.

SIZE AND INSTALLATION PARAMETERS: All measurements described are Imperial.

  • Wall Works - Installation size may not exceed 3’ x 4’ or 125 lbs. All works must be ready for easy installation by the gallery with clear instructions for hanging.

  • Sculpture – Works may not exceed 30” x 30” if requiring a pedestal or may not exceed 6’ tall or 3’ at the base in any direction if exhibited directly on the gallery floor.

  • Wearable Works – Size restriction is only relevant to the human form. Artist may also send display, as approved by the gallery, in order to exhibit the art in the manner it is intended to be worn.

  • Functional Works – Works may not exceed 30” x 30” if requiring a pedestal or may not exceed 6’ tall or 3’ at the base in any direction if exhibited directly on the gallery floor.

IMAGE FORMAT: Digital images are the only accepted form of submission. Artists will be juried on body of work: images submitted need not be actual works intended for exhibition, but must be representative of the works artist will exhibit if selected and must be made after October, 2012. Images need to be prepared in the following format:

  • File Name: ArtistLastName.EntryNumber.TitleOfWork (no other information), unless submitting more than one image of the same work, in which case .View should be added after TitleOfWork, such as .Front, .Back, .LSide, .RSide.

  • Dimensions: 1920 x 1920 pixels – To prepare a square image in Photoshop: 1) Using the Image/Image Size tool from the dropdown menu, resize the longest side of your image to 1900 pixels (for best image quality, your original needs to be 1900 pixels or greater in size). 2) Select a color using the Color Picker-Background Color that is appropriate to your image. This tool is the two color squares on your toolbar, with the Background Color Picker being the one on the bottom - double-click it to open the tool. You can use the eyedropper to select an exact color from your image. 3) Using the Image/Canvass Size tool from the dropdown menu, add pixels to the smallest dimension by selecting pixels and typing in 1900 to the appropriate width or height box, making sure the "dot" remains in the center of the graph box, and apply. You are ready for submission of your image.

  • File Format: tif, jpg, pdf, or eps.

  • Color Space: RBG.

  • File Resolution: 300 dpi.

ARTIST INFO: Before submitting, have the following text info ready to cut and paste from a word processing document into the digital submission form:

  • Artist’s Statement – no more than 50 words written in first person about the work you are submitting.

  • Artist’s Bio – no more than 200 words, in third person, not in first person.

DELIVERY OF WORK: All work selected for exhibit must be delivered to the exhibiting gallery no later than 5:00pm September 12, 2014. Artists are responsible for initial delivery of works to be exhibited and insurance of those works while in transit. The Taos Art Glass Invitational, Taos Institute for Glass Arts and any of its volunteers are not responsible for damage due to improper packaging or carrier mishandling. All works must be professionally crated, packaged and shipped according to the parameters set forth in the Acceptance of Works Agreement of the 2014 Taos Art Glass Invitational.

LIABILITY AND INSURANCE: Insurance coverage will be provided for artwork while on the premises of the individual galleries exhibiting the work.

SALES: All works submitted for exhibition must be for sale. A 50% gallery commission will be charged for the sale of all exhibited works. Payment by each gallery will be made within 30 days of the close of the Invitational.

RETURN OF WORK: All works not sold during the Invitational will be returned and insured during transit by the exhibiting gallery in a timely manner after the close of exhibition. Some galleries may choose to continue exhibit of works past the Invitational with consent of the artist, but these agreements are made soley between the exhibiting gallery and artist and are not the responsibility of TIGA: Taos Institute for Glass Arts or the Invitational.

RIGHTS RESERVED: The Taos Art Glass Invitational, TIGA: Taos Institute for Glass Arts, and the associated galleries reserves the right to use any image of accepted works for the publicity and documentation of the 2014 Taos Art Glass Invitational.

CONTACT: For more information, contact the TIGA office: 575-613-6484 or email: [email protected].

TOP OF PAGE PHOTO: "Composition with Yellow" by Herb Babcock